Glamazon Marketing Group has formed one of the greatest Model Ambassador Marketing Systems for Brands

Female Model Spotlight: Jinjer Bread

Model: Talisha "Jinjer Bread" Davis
Credits: Mannequin6ix (Photographer)

Male Model Spotlight: Charles Flanagan

Model: Charles Flanagan
Credits: ebsfilmz (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Milly Trealz

Model: Milly Trealz
Credits: ebsfilmz (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Stacey Lafata

Model: Stacey Lafata
Credits: Photo Highlights (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Nikol Booker

“Modeling is a passion of mine and has been for many years. I am proud to represent the genre of models in the 30 to 45 range; a league of women who have quite a lot to offer the fashion, art and photography world.”

Female Model Spotlight: Azusena Saray

Model: Jahti Savage
Credits: Bubz Inc (Photographer)

Male Model Spotlight: Kevin Challinor

Model: Kevin Challinor
Credits: Justin Taylor (Photographer)

Male Model Spotlight: Rolan

Model: Rolan
Credits: Steven D Hill (Photographer)

Male Model Spotlight: Jahti Savage

Model: Jahti Savage
Credits: Bubz Inc (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Cora Zon

Model: Cora Zon
Credits: Cedric Terrell (Photographer) - Ivory Perkins Beauty (Makeup Artist)

Female Model Spotlight: Ardis VanFossan

Model: Ardis VanFossan
Credits: Justin Taylor (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Cheyenne Wise

Model: Cheyenne Wise
Credits: Andrew Fang (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Cita HunnyBun

Model: Cita HunnyBun
Credits: photobydex (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Kawibabey

Model: Kawibabey
Credits: Zebra Studios (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: Devon

Model: Devon
Copyright: Jose Luis

Female Model Spotlight: Lanexa Denise

Model: Lanexa Denise
Credits: Valentine Dream (Photographer)

Male Model Spotlight: Taylor Woodard

Model: Taylor Woodard
Credits: Unknown (Photographer)

Female Model Spotlight: LaNeise Hyte

Model: LaNeise Hyte
Credits: GV (Photographer)

Male Model Spotlight: Aaron

Model: Aaron
Credits: ART Photography (Photographer)